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We provide local business in Los Angeles with SEO placement. HRH Media specializes in Los Angeles SEO Agency specializing in Search Engine Optimization. We have been helping clients get first page rankings on competitive keyword for over 10 years.

SEO Woodland Hills

We are a local Woodland Hills SEO placement agency that can with you on your level. HRH Media is a Woodland Hills SEO Agency specializing in Search Engine Optimization. We have been helping clients get first page rankings on competitive keyword for over 10 years.

Google To Phase Out Old Keyword Tool In Exchange For New Version

If you try to access Google’s external keyword tool, you may notice that you are sent to the new keyword tool Google began offering in September 2009. A Google spokesperson told me that they are now encouraging users to use the new tool over the old tool and have decided to direct a portion of those users to the new tool.

Analyst: “70 Percent” Chance Apple Builds Own Search Engine

Will Apple have its own search engine in the not-so-distant future? That’s what a leading tech analyst is predicting is likely to happen. Gene Munster, who analyzes Apple for Piper Jaffray, told Business Insider that he believes there is a “70 percent” chance that Apple will build its own search engine in the next five years.

Los angeles Internet Retailers Lag In SEO
Los Angeles 500 Internet Retailers Lag In SEO
Los Angeles Internet retailers spent approximately $1.2 million per day on 88,758 keywords in Q4 2009, but only 33% of their highest-priced keywords appeared in the top 50 natural search engine query results, according to a report released Thursday HRH Media, a company that provides search engine optimization services.The findings demonstrate in aggregate the group didn’t do much better than the Fortune 500, which Conductor highlighted in a report in February.

In the study, Los Angeles retailers were the most active merchants in paid search and the most visible, 72%, in natural search. Consumer brands came in at 69%; catalogs and call centers, 68%; and retail chains, 66%. Only 7% of the domains, not companies, surveyed showed a significant number of their terms in the top results. No companies appeared consistently in the search results, and the number of companies that had zero visibility brought down the average for each category.

Still, 36% of the companies studied showed mid-to-strong presence for their most advertised keywords.

Overall, the visibility in natural search results for the top 500 Internet retailers decreased as engine queries grew longer.

The report analyzed the effect increasing the specificity of words, phrases and terms has on natural search visibility. For long-tail keyword searches, companies followed a downward curve similar to the Fortune 500, as the number of words in search phrase increased.

Nathan Safran, senior research analyst at Conductor, points to a three-tier solution for retailers: define and understand the opportunities in terms of size and scale; set up a plan to carry out the strategy; and continually compare the results of both your company and competitors.

“Too many organizations treat SEO as an after-thought,” Safran says. “It needs to be ingrained in the company’s culture.”

Evidently not all company execs who hold the keys to the budget listen, though a Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) survey reveals that 43% of roughly 1,500 client-side and agency search marketers plan to spend more on SEO in 2010 than they did last year. SEMPO also says 37% of companies expect to spend more on paid search in 2010 than they did in 2009.

Long Tail Keyword scores

Search Visibility


Reputation Defender – Giggs Outed

Giggs Outed – Reputation Defender

Ryan Giggs Outed by MP as Super Injunction footballer

Super Injunction had stopped the discovery of facts about their affair

A wedded footballer named on Twitter as having a super injunction over a supposed adulterous affair with a reality TV star has been acknowledged in Parliament as Ryan Giggs.


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