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SEO Woodland Hills

We are a local Woodland Hills SEO placement agency that can with you on your level. HRH Media is a Woodland Hills SEO Agency specializing in Search Engine Optimization. We have been helping clients get first page rankings on competitive keyword for over 10 years.

Google To Phase Out Old Keyword Tool In Exchange For New Version

If you try to access Google’s external keyword tool, you may notice that you are sent to the new keyword tool Google began offering in September 2009. A Google spokesperson told me that they are now encouraging users to use the new tool over the old tool and have decided to direct a portion of those users to the new tool.

5 Types of Link Building

There are many reasons to build links to your website, and sometimes, it is hard to determine if one link is better than another, or if it is worth anything at all. For example, a dofollow link is better than a nofollow for some purposes, but not for others. And a redirected link may hold no value for SEO, but may still prove valuable. Here are the types of links that you can build to your website, and why you should take advantage of a mixture of each.

SEO: To Outsource Or Develop In-House Resources?

Online marketing is complex, and it seems that the number of factors you need to consider to make sure you have the optimal strategy is only increasing. Therefore, it might be tempting to conclude that SEO, or more broadly, online marketing, is something that needs to be outsourced.

Gray Powell’s unfortunate legacy: iPhone SEO poisoning and malware

There’s been no shortage of blog coverage about the stray iPhone SEO left behind by Apple engineer Gray Powell in a California bar last month. While gadget and Apple blogs have been busily covering every possible piece of minutia around the incident, the device, and whether or not Mr. Powell wears black turtlenecks, the crew at Help Net Security was doing a different kind of digging.


Reputation Defender – Giggs Outed

Giggs Outed – Reputation Defender

Ryan Giggs Outed by MP as Super Injunction footballer

Super Injunction had stopped the discovery of facts about their affair

A wedded footballer named on Twitter as having a super injunction over a supposed adulterous affair with a reality TV star has been acknowledged in Parliament as Ryan Giggs.


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